Dashlane Password Manager Review

Dashlane Password Manager Review

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At my wits end, having had enough of “Enter email here to reset password” or wrestling with Lastpass or Roboform, I had to find a new password manager.

It isn’t often I find a product I feel compelled to tell others about, but Dashlane is one such product I have found so simple to use, I’m certain that many others could really benefit from it too. Dashlane, although founded in 2009, has only recently become prominent in the marketplace, competing with the well established Roboform and Lastpass password managers.

Dashlane is completely free to download and use on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and IOS devices. Once you have installed and created your account with Dashlane, you will automatically be given a 30 day trial of all premium features. You are not asked for any deposit payment or card details, so when your 30-day trial expires, you will be able to continue using Dashlane on a free account, without being charged. With a premium account, you have the ability to backup and sync your passwords with other devices. Premium account holders also receive priority email support.

Welcome to Dashlane

Welcome to Dashlane. Create account.

The Dashlane referral scheme is quite generous, with 6 months of Dashlane Premium for every referral made. Normally, referrals for digital products are subscriptions paid in full by another person. However, because 30-day premium account trials do not require any payment details, a referral would not involve payment. For those who wish to continue using Dashlane on a perminent basis, the 12 month subscription is $29.99, repeated each year. Although not the cheapest password manager, I have to admit that $29.99 a year for this product is entirely justified.

If you are moving from another password manager, importing your passwords into Dashlane is surprisingly simple, especially if you are moving from Lastpass or Roboform.

One feature of Dashlane that impressed me the most was the continuous monitoring of your passwords and associated accounts for vulnerabilities, such as the recent ‘Heartbleed’ SSL bug or to warn you of your password being used across multiple accounts. If you’re advised to reset your password, Dashlane will provide a link for you that will take you direct to the ‘password reset’ page of the account in question. Dashlane will automatically generate and fill a new secure password for that account, then replace the one held in Dashlane. This is a very welcome feature, which is for many, a mundane process that is very often overlooked.

In summary, I have been using Dashlane for 5 months now and have nothing but praise for it. It really is so simple to use and I am glad I did start looking elsewhere for ‘something’ refreshing, which is in my opinion, better than Roboform or Lastpass. I must point out, I am in no way affiliated with Dashlane or any other associated company and in no way benefit from the recommendation of this product. I’m just a happy customer that feels consumers, including myself, are quick to complain about products or services and not so forthcoming with praise.

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